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Gatuline Expression



Would you like to decrease wrinkles immediately just like botox?

The best part is there are no injections or surgery involved!

For a long time mankind has tried to preserve our youth and beauty.

Today, with more environmental and emotional stress the wrinkle formation also known as ‘expression’ lines on our skin become more quick and inevitable.

If not taken care, these lines will later lead to permanent pulling of the skin or wrinkles.

In the market, consumers only wish for one important thing that is to evade wrinkles fast and
effective but the ingredient must be safe and secure.

As such, Gerovital H3 laboratories came up with GATULINE EXPRESSION – a safe plant-based active that gives rapid results.


Gatuline Expression is extracted from a tropical plant known as Acmella oleracea which can be  found in South America, Africa and some part of Asia.

This non-endangered species plant originating from Peru and Brazil is used for a very long time in Madagascar and La Reunion.

In the Indian Ocean it is known as “Mafane” and is used in food for its medicinal properties.

Our agents  harvests these plants in a pollution free environment directly from the region of La Reunion.

The majority compounds found in this plant are Isobutylamides of polyenic and polyenynic acids.

The molecule that gives out the main function in Gatuline Expression is called the spilanthol or (E,Z,E)-N-2-isobutyl-2,6,8-decatrienamide).

In vitro studies done proved that 0.6% of Gatuline Expression is enough for a complete myorelaxation and the function is fully reversible.

This shows that Gatuline Expression is fully secure and safe to use.

In vivo studies done on a panel of volunteers showed that 75% of them experienced smoothing effects on the face just after one day of applying Gatuline Expression.

Immediate results after application

Significant reduction in wrinkles over long term usage.

Does not deteriorate in the formulation or after applied on skin.

Its activity is dose-dependent and fully reversible.

However, there is a cumulative effect when used on a long term basis.

Good bioavailability.

Rapid effect compared with traditional anti-wrinkle actives.

Full traceability.

Low dosage with high efficacy.

A patent has been filed for targeted application on wrinkle smoothing.

Gatuline Expression is safe to use and can even be consumed orally.


Gatuline Expression mainly can be used for facial anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products that are targeted at smoothing out wrinkles.

Gatuline Expression  can be  used in many forms of skin care products which includes emulsions, microemulsions, serums and even gels.

The recommended dosage is between 2% to 5% only to see effective results.

Ana Aslan - The pioneer of the Romanian school of Gerovital H3

The pioneer of the Romanian school of Gerovital H3 [procaine based medicine] is the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan, Director of the Institute of Geriatrics in Bucharest, who studied the anti-ageing effects of GH3 for over 40 years. 

In 1956, the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan published a paper based on a study of hundreds of elderly patients proclaiming her formula (Gerovital H3 - GH3) dispersed depression, built muscular vigour, and achieved spectacular results in hypertension, arthritis and angina pectoris. 

Despite the apparent rigour of the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan’s test, the GerovitalH3 - GH3 did not enjoy immediate acceptance. Her extraordinary success with such an rather simple compound like procaine-hydrochloride seemed too fantastic when scientists in U.K. and the U.S.A. failed to replicate her findings, the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan attributed their difficulties to the use of Procaine alone and later experiments it proved that it was the truth.
In contrast, Russian and Eastern European doctors who employed Gerovital H3 plus Benzoic Acid-a preservative- and potassium metabisulphite-an anti-oxidant- repeated the Romanian experiences.

Intent on proving
her case beyond a reasonable doubt, the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan devised a mammoth study involving 15,000 healthy, but ageing workers between the ages of 40 and 62 in 144 centres throughout her country. 

All receiving the best medical care during the two-year experiment, however, some also got GH3. 

Did these workers fare any better? Were they discernibly “younger” than their fellow citizens after the testing period?

Indeed, they were, in 1972,
the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan reported her amazing findings to the International Symposium of Gerontology in Karlruhe. 

In every measure of health subjects tested with GH3 exceeded the non-treated. 

For example, the blood pressure of those treated with Gerovital h3 showed an improvement of 85 per cent, compared to only 60 per cent of the controls; twice as many subjects on GH3 improved their muscular strength compared to the controls. 

In terms of prevention, the number of sick days in the GH3 group declined nearly 40 per cent compared to the pre-test years. 
Surely these results indicated that GH3 retards the normal signs of age. 

Blood pressure is not supposed to normalise, nor muscles harden nor sickness diminish in the sunset years. 
Yet the old do not seem to get appreciably older on a diet of Gerovital H3 at the same rate.

A particular point of interest was the anti-depressant effect which GerovitalH3 had on 75% of patients suffering from the complaint. Research carried out by doctor McFarlane showed beyond any doubt that not only was Gerovital able to prove of significant benefits, but that, more to the point, it was the only safe antidepressant on the market while all others revealing  dangerous, even lethal, side effects.

Sidney Cohen, a U.C.L.A. psychiatrist, former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, and Dr. William Zung, re-affirmed that Dr.Ana Aslan had not exaggerated the anti-depressant value of her formula.
Although nobody knows for sure how procaine hydrochloride seems to charge up the body and relieve so many conditions, the best guess is that it tones up the cells somehow and hence spreads the healing powers systematically, fighting off the advances of debilitation wherever they have shown up. 

I believe that Gerovital H3 improves the oxygen capacity of the blood” remarks Dr. Kratz from Florida University

When that happens you improve every organ in the body. Gerovital GH3 has different effects on different people. 

Sometimes you do not even notice what is happening to yourself until somebody asks you if you’ve had a facelift. 

Dr. Kratz feels that GH3 should not be delayed until one’s declining years.

At what age do you begin to deteriorate? Some of us start to age in our teens. All good nutrition does is prevent ageing, and nobody is too young for a good diet.

So who did get Gerovital H3? 

The list reads like a specialised Who’s Who
John F. Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, Konrad Adenauer, Marlene Dietrich, the Gabor sisters, Kirk Douglas, Salvador Dali, all have been named as visitors to the Otopeni Clinic in Bucharest...

So many people smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. 

It is not for me to sit in judgement on people’s habits, but the fact is, for the price of one packet of cigarettes per week or two gins and tonic per week, it is possible to purchase a substance - Gerovital H3 which might improve and keep on improving your health, even through advancing years.
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Gerovital H3 (tablets and injections) instructions & precautions

Please read these directions to use Gerovital H3 tablets or injections before starting the treatment.

The Anti-Aging Therapy through Romanian Gerovital H3



The therapy through Romanian Gerovital H3, pills and injections, can be started,after the age of 40 though it is recommended to begin at the first signs of debilitation.

Gerovital H3 formula represents a proved method to hold back the aging process, an effective way to fight against the chronic degenerative diseases.

Gerovital H3 recommendations:

-Muscles and Joints Diseases: Degenerative Diseases, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis;

-Nervous System Diseases: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and syndrome, Postapoplectic conditions;

-Skin Diseases: Scleroderma, Psoriasis, Ichthyosis (fish skin disease), Bronchial Asthma;

-Deficit of attention, concentrating and cognitive processes problems;

-Cardiovascular and Gastrointestinal Diseases;

-Management of a better sex life.

-Tegument Dystrophies, Trophic Ulcers and Atonic Wounds;

-Depressive Syndromes (moderate and light) in cases when the usual therapy with anti-depressive drugs can not be followed due to the side effects experienced by the patient while the Gerovital H3 has none.

-Neural-vegetative disorders;

-Chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep disorders;

Romanian Gerovital H3 effects:

*helps the body to block fat uptake while it is burning the excessive fat.

*increases the desire to be active and useful;

*improves affective tone, physical and physic balance;

*reduces body rigidity, increases body flexibility and moving abilities;

*balances endocrine functions, stimulates oestrogen reappearance and androgens reactivation; ameliorates sex management;

*alleviates chronic disease symptoms;

*raises the quality of life by decelerating the rhythm of aging and having a substantial and valuable role in preventing chronic diseases;

Gerovital H3 administration:

PROPHYLACTIC or PREVENTIVE Therapy with Gerovital H3 tablets:

To anticipate and restrain the chronic diseases of the elderly and to partially reverse the aging progress, a prophylactic therapy may start from the age of 40.

Series of 25 pills for 12 days, 2pills/day:

- 1 Gerovital H3 pill  after breakfast (example: breakfast at 08.00am, pill at 10.00 am);

- 1 Gerovital H3 pill after lunch (example: lunch at 12.00, pill at 04.00 pm);

The regular Gerovital H3 therapy scheme for one year consists in 5 series of 25 pills with adequate breaks, after every course.

This schedule may increase to 6 series for patients over 65 years.

CURATIVE or HEALING Therapy with Gerovital H3 tablets and injections: 

Before starting the therapy with injections, do the tests for allergy: first injection 1ml; after 24 hours, second injection 2ml.
If no allergic reactions appear, the therapy may proceed.
The reactions that may occur are: rash, itching, eruption, vertigo, headache, cephalic heating sensation or a metallic taste
In most cases, these body reactions show in patients over 80 years.

Studies have revealed that the intolerance appear in 1 of 7000 cases.

A healing and restorative therapy in degenerative chronic diseases involves a schedule of 6 cures of 12 injections and 5 cures of 24 pills during a year.

- 3 Gerovital H3 injection/ week for 4 weeks;
- 2 weeks break;
- 2 Gerovital H3 pills/ day for 12 days;
- 2 weeks break;

Then resume the schedule.
Note: After injection, the patient should rest for 10-15 minutes.

Gerovital H3 contraindications and limits of use:

This drug should not be put in practice together with Physostigmine (also called Eserine) – a crystalline alkaloid used in medicine as a miotic and cholinergic agent and to enhance memory in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Also, it should not be combined with Prostigmin - a parasympathetic drug that acts as a reversible inhibitor to acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme which breaks down acetylcholine (ACh) in cholinergic nerve endings. 

It is used clinically to treat Myasthenia Gravis, Paralytic Ileus and Urine Retention.

It is advisable not to apply Gerovital H3 in the same time with Sulphamides, because the interaction in the bacterial metabolism.

Gerovital H3 therapy is not recommended in the following conditions: severe hepatic diseases; renal failure; severe arterial high blood pressure; febrile states.

Gerovital H3 precautions:

*Apply prudently in cases of epilepsy or high blood pressure.

*No evidence regarding human fetus risk.

*It has no carcinogenic effect though it is not recommended to the patients with cancer, as its stimulating effect on mitotic potential of the neoplasic cell is not excluded.

Gerovital H3 over dosage:

Drug intoxication only develops over 400mg IV (intravenous) rapid injection. It manifests as convulsions, low blood pressure, coma. At this time apply treatment for any acute intoxication.

No chronic intoxication occurred in clinical studies and practice.